Why I Moved

After fourteen years with a CENTURY 21 office, I finally made the decision to move to Keller Williams Realty. I moved for many reasons, and wish that I had done it much sooner. If you know me at all, you won’t be surprised that I did my research and evaluated many companies, including various franchises and independent companies. I also considered opening my own office.

Having many years of high production and some years of less production, I was feeling uninspired. I had largely lost the joy in the business. I found the environment I worked in draining and negative. With many qualifications, designations, and certifications, I have always been sought out for my advice and insight – from the news media, REALTOR Associations/organizations/publications, and internally within the company. Within the office, by nature I was concerned about helping the newer agents and those that wanted help. I noticed it was largely missing and sometimes not done very well. Over the years I’d been asked to teach this class, mentor those agents, train these agents – which I always did, even at the expense of my own business – yet I never received any compensation or benefit from doing so. I found that in many real estate companies, agents look at each other as competition rather than colleagues. In my office, I got tired of the gossip and how quickly agents would assume the worst in other agents, rather than giving each other the benefit of the doubt. I also noticed that leadership was very self-serving, playing favorites, and using convenient arguments and putting major spin to try to justify positions and actions taken. Ethics seemed to be dependent upon what was in management’s own self-interest first. This of course, often led to conflicts between agents.

Financially, the more I generated for the company, my end remained the same. I never had an opportunity to participate in the equity or profits of the company, meaning that I had very little leverage or stability of income – I was truly self-employed in the cash-flow quadrant (for those familiar with Robert Kiyosaki). I was a resource, but not a true partner. Despite words to the contrary, the experience was that of a tool to be used.

Ultimately, I found that the culture of Keller Williams is much different. Agents participate in leadership, and everyone has incentives to help each other. Close to 50% of the company profits are shared with the agents that help the company grow. That effectively makes KW agents partners in the company, not just resources to be used. The better the company does, the more profit there is to be shared. The split has a cap, such that once an agent has brought in certain amount of commission income to the company, they keep essentially 100% of the rest of the commissions they earn that year! There are opportunities to grow beyond just sales.

So this makes KW a company with a unique value proposition that is compelling for both experienced agents and new agents alike.

If you know an agent that is thinking about moving joining a different real estate company, please have him contact me. When you know someone looking for real estate services, please have them contact me (and let me know).

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